Our Commitment

At Far & Beyond Funeral Services, we understand that losing a loved one is an emotionally traumatic time for you and your family. We agree that overseeing the arrangements for a funeral at this difficult time can be challenging and that, sometimes, it may seem that you are putting your grief on hold to ensure a funeral service that is a fitting tribute to your deceased family member or friend.

Therefore, it is our overriding aim to provide you and your family with the advice and support you need to ensure the arrangements for the funeral are made efficiently. We do this while offering you the expertise of our reliable and professional staff to help you to negotiate some of the practical obstacles that you may face in the aftermath of the death of your loved one.


Guidance & Support

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Death is rarely compassionate, yet we pride ourselves on offering a service that recognises and respects the whirlpool of emotions that you and your family are likely to experience when coming to terms with your loss. Our experienced and caring staff are available at any time of the day or night to offer advice or guidance about the practical aspects of arranging a funeral service, or simply to lend support when you need a compassionate listening ear. Whether you need support before, during or even after the funeral, we are here for you, helping you to adjust to your life without your loved one.

At Far & Beyond Funeral Services, we recognise that it is difficult to focus your thoughts when wrapped up in grief, so we aim to ensure a seamless funeral service that meets, not only your expectations, but those of your loved one. With a variety of funeral packages available, you can be reassured that you will receive a service that meets your budget, yet is dignified at all times. You can even tailor the funeral service to your exact requirements in order to give your loved one the tribute you feel they desired.

Professional & Caring Service

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At Far & Beyond Funeral Services our primary aim is to ease you through the funeral arrangements as simply and painlessly as possible. We can liaise with church ministers or civil celebrants, as well as cemeteries and crematoria, ahead of the funeral.

Our initial meeting with you is essential to explain the level of support that we can offer you through your choice of funeral package, from the four available options. Understanding that you won’t want to make important financial decisions at a difficult time, we’ll sensitively talk you through the prices of the packages and help you to understand how they differ, as well as discussing the details of the funeral service.

At Far & Beyond Funeral Services we respect your desire for privacy at a difficult time, so will always be respectfully on hand to assist you with your enquiries. We promise to keep you fully updated about the arrangements for the funeral; what’s more, our support doesn’t stop at the end of the service, so you can be confident of a listening and sympathetic ear as you adjust to life without your loved one.

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Here at Far & Beyond Funeral Services, we fully understand that for you and your family, this is a very difficult time. We are here to assist you in all ways and any time that you may require. It is our commitment to support you as you come to terms with your loss, to lessen the burden as much as we can. Feel free to contact us anytime or find out more about ‘Prepaid Funerals’.