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Everyone wants to make their loved one’s funeral a fitting and memorable tribute to their life, but there can be so many things to think about. At Far & Beyond Funeral Services, we think that a funeral should be as personal as possible, so we have come up with some thoughtful ideas you could use in your loved one’s memorial, burial or cremation service.

Choose a reading from their favourite book

A reading during a funeral service doesn’t have to be sombre or religious. If they had a favourite book which they read to you or others, include that instead. Classics like Winnie the Pooh, Rudyard Kipling and Enid Blyton make the reading far more personal if you know they loved a specific book.

Create a digital photo album

In these times where not everyone can be in attendance, it is important to think of ways people can contribute to a funeral from afar. Encourage people to share their photos in a digital album or on a social media platform so you can use them in the funeral and enjoy sharing memories.

Show what mattered to them

If they had a certain cause or charity or organisation that was important to them during their life, make sure to include this too. You could include a quote from one of their members, share a story about a time when they were involved or you could ask for donations to their favourite cause (you can do this online too).

Use their favourite colour

It might seem obvious to pick their favourite flowers or music, but you could also use their favourite colours at the funeral. You could ask guests to wear an item in that colour or you could have it used in the order of service or arrangements.

Make a memory book

A memory book can be a lovely way to hold together memories and photos that celebrate their life. Try and find photos from different times in their life, and ask loved ones to contribute memories that are important to them. When the time is right, you can share the book with other grieving friends and family so they can look back at the happy times.

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