A new year with your loved ones in mind

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A new year, with your loved ones in mind

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At Far & Beyond Funeral Services we understand how difficult it can be to move into a new year without your loved one. A new year inspires us to set new goals and achievements. Why not do this by incorporating your loved one into your new year goals?
Set a new years resolution which would make your loved one proud! Maybe your loved one wanted you to try something which you never got round to trying? By doing this not only do you succeed in setting a new years resolution, but you also carry on your loved ones memory, keeping them close to your heart.
If you are finding it difficult to deal with the loss of your loved one, or maybe you need a listening ear, why not contact Cruse Bereavement Care at www.cruse.org.uk.
We would like to wish everybody a very happy and loving new year. Our thoughts will be with those who cannot join us to celebrate this new beginning.

(Far & Beyond Funeral Services LTD alongside the Far & Beyond Group do not in any way work in association with Cruse Bereavement Care, this information is offered for guidance purposes only)

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