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Whether you have been to a funeral before or not, attending one can sometimes feel a little daunting. This is only natural when you consider what a serious and important event they are. One thing which worries many people is how to act at a funeral to avoid causing offence. If you are feeling like this, our tips on funeral etiquette below should help.

Behave respectfully

This is perhaps the best overall etiquette tip for funerals. It goes without saying that they are sombre occasions that need to be dealt with sensitively. Therefore, it isn’t wise to be laughing, joking, chatting loudly or generally acting as you would on a happier occasion. While it is of course fine to chat to friends and family members, it is normally best to do so in a more restrained, respectful way. This avoids causing any upset to other mourners and stops you from drawing attention to yourself.

Don’t fallout with other guests

Next to behaving respectfully, it is good funeral etiquette to avoid any arguments with other guests. Doing so makes the day easier for everyone else and you do not spoil the chance everyone has to say goodbye to the deceased. This can sometimes be hard though if you have fallen out with a family member before the funeral – in many cases, this could be a long-running feud stretching back years. It is key though to simply forget about any differences for one day and avoid getting into any heated exchanges.

Make sure you know the dress code

This might sound like a strange tip, as people assume you always wear black to funerals. While this is true for most still, some people arrange their funeral in advance and set out a different dress code. This might see guests asked to wear more colourful outfits, for example. Making sure you know the dress code in advance will mean you wear the right clothes on the day.

Let Far & Beyond Funeral Services guide you along the way

Here at Far & Beyond Funeral Services, we have many years of experience in not only organising affordable funerals but also the general etiquette around them. Whether you need a hand with cremation services for a deceased relative or a source of handy guides on how to act at these occasions, we can help. Browse our website or get in touch via the contact form for a chat today.

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