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Thinking about your burial service or funeral might seem like a morbid topic, but it’s one that we believe everyone should take the time to consider. Being prepared and making your wishes clear will help your friends and family when the time comes.

A traditional burial involves embalming the body before placing it in a casket and lowering it to (approximately) 6 feet underground. However, did you know that there are different types of plots available? Let’s take a look at some of the different types of burial plots so you can make an informed decision.

Single plot

These are the most common type of plots in a cemetery. A single plot contains room for one casket. Simple.

Companion plot

A companion plot is typically purchased by a married couple or long-term partners. You can either opt for a side-by-side burial, which is two individual plots next to each other, or you can choose a “double-depth” plot, in which the caskets lay one on top of each other. Double-depth plots are typically cheaper than side-by-side plots, as you’re not purchasing additional cemetery space.

Family plot

Family plots are the largest type of plots offered, but there is no limit to how large a plot can be. A family plot is normally purchased as a row of single plots, but you will also be able to choose double-depth plots if you wish.

Cremated remains

Plots for cremated remains are the most affordable type of cemetery plot. Multiple urns can be buried alongside caskets, or you can choose to populate a single plot with exclusively cremated remains.

Urn gardens

Some cemeteries offer landscaped areas for the burial of urns. Each plot in an urn garden is significantly smaller than plots for single caskets, so prices can be drastically lower. You will often be able to ask for your remains to be incorporated into a feature of the garden, such as a bench, fountain, or other decoration.

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