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Losing a loved one is a heart-wrenching time for all of us and dealing with grief tests us all to varying degrees. An important part of the grieving process is remembering our loved ones and the times spent together. While everyone holds onto memories differently, one beautiful way of remembering our loved ones is to wear their fingerprint. It might sound unusual but fingerprint jewellery is a brilliant way of feeling close and connected to those who have passed while also enjoying a stunningly created piece of unique jewellery.

What is so special about fingerprint jewellery

Wearing your loved one’s fingerprint will help you to keep cherished memories close by. Hand on Heart Jewellery design jewellery and gifts that capture your loved one’s true fingerprints. Just as our fingerprints are entirely unique, your jewellery shall be too. To remember those family members that are no longer with us fingerprint jewellery can be made for multiple members of the family as the fingerprints may be replicated.

How does making fingerprint jewellery work?

Throughout the process of making the jewellery, Hand on Heart work with your funeral director who will take the fingerprints of your loved one using our special kits. Once the prints have been collected one of our experienced jewellery designers then embeds the fingerprint into sterling silver to create your chosen item with love and care. Each piece is finished to a high shine and can be personalised further with an engraved message to make each item just as personal as your relationship to your loved one.

Your loved one’s prints around your arm, neck, or ankle

When you wish to have some fingerprint jewellery created you may decide which style of jewellery you want your loved one’s fingerprint to be placed upon. From bangles or cufflinks to pendants and rings, every style of jewellery can be supplied with only the highest level of quality assurance and care. This means that fingerprint jewellery can be created to help you remember and cherish memories whichever way is best for you. Find out more about fingerprint jewellery by speak to us at Far & Beyond.

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