The basics of cremation services

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When pre-planning a funeral, a question a lot of people have to consider is “would I prefer a cremation or burial?”. Many people have the wrong idea about cremation, so read on for a few simple facts about cremation and why it could be the ideal option for you.

Several options for services

There is a selection of cremation services available, allowing you to have a funeral that is perfectly suited to your wishes:

– A funeral with a viewing, with a cremation held afterwards.
– A funeral without a viewing, with a cremation held afterwards.
– A memorial service followed by the scattering of ashes.
– The scattering of ashes somewhere you love.

All of these options allow your family to say goodbye to you while respecting your personal wishes. This is a stark contrast to most people’s assumptions about cremations, which is that they are impersonal and the process is emotionless.


The cost of a cremation tends to be significantly lower than that of a burial. A burial will require the purchase of a small plot in a cemetery and a headstone, which is rarely as affordable as a cremation. If you opt for cremation, your family will need to pay for an urn and the cremation process, as well as any costs accrued for your memorial. This makes cremation a cheaper way to go, although prices can vary depending on which service provider you choose.

Does religion have an impact?

Your religion can have an impact on whether cremation is an option for you. Although the majority of religions are becoming far more open to the idea of cremation, some, such as Islam and Mormonism, have much stauncher views towards cremation. It’s always a good idea to ask your local church or mosque for their views before you make your final decision.

If you’re interested in funeral services in Manchester, get in touch with the Far and Beyond Funerals team today. We offer caring and respectful services and will ensure your wishes are carried out.

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